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Cloud Resume API Challenge

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Welcome to the Cloud Resume API Challenge. A project where you will have the opportunity to build and deploy a serverless API using different Cloud providers (of your choice), integrated with GitHub Actions for CI/CD. The primary goal? Construct an API that can serve resume data in JSON format.

Challenge Objective 🎯

Your task is to create a Serverless function that fetches resume data stored in a NoSQL Database and return it in JSON format. To level up the challenge, integrate GitHub Actions to automatically deploy updates to your Cloud Serverless function whenever you push to your repository. If you are video person, you can check this out.

Key Requirements

  • NoSQL Database: Containing sample resume data.
  • Serverless Function: Fetch and return resume data.
  • GitHub Actions: Automatically package and deploy your serverless on every push to the repository.

Getting Started 🚀

The Challenge now support all three major cloud providers:

Submission/Showcase 📥

Once you're ready to submit your project, you can create a pull request to this repository. Add your name, github repo URL and the resume API URL to the table in file. In your pull request, provide a summary of what you've done and any additional features or functionalities you've added.

All the submission can be found here.

Acknowledgements 👏

Thank you to everyone who decides to participate. Community challenges like this are a great way to learn, improve, and demonstrate your skills. I can't wait to see what you build!